Brittany Black

Practicum MFT Student

Brittany Black is a practicum graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma in her last year pursuing her Masters in Family and Child Studies for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy. She holds a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Sociology from UCO and is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to beginning her practicum, she careered as a social worker working in the Child Support Services department for over four years at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. In therapy she primarily uses cognitive behavioral therapy and relative models. Her graduate studies focus on individual stress, anxiety, and depression as well as the context of family systems with an emphasis on marriage, familial relationships, and relational concerns.

We all just want to be happy and find peace. Sounds so simple yet it isn’t because life deals us some heavy material to sift through. As a wife and a young mother of three children I’ve experienced things testing my strength. We all struggle to maintain a life of love, joy, peace, patience, self-control, and trust. With an interest in diverse beliefs and an admiration for cultural differences, I’ve personally found that faith provides me perspective and hope, while therapy aids greatly with coping and healing. So I see my job as an enabler of progress toward the productive goals an individual or family wants to see in their life.